Collegiate Quilt - March 2 and March 9

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Collegiate Quilt

March 2 and March 9  1pm-4pm

Instructor:  Betsy Arcari

Cost:  $80

Using tumbling blocks , graph paper and a special ruler you can create your own Collegiate Quilt!  Betsy has developed a unique technique to create a quilt using your favorite school letter.  It has a 3 D effect and is loads of fun to create.  

This pattern and fabric requirements are based on “Diamonds are Forever” in the ABC-3D book by Marci Baker.  (pg. 41).  Available at CS Sewing.  These instructions create a 70”x 69” quilt .

First you will determine the school colors you will use.  Choose colors for the background blocks and colors for the letter blocks. 

In my U o fM quilt I used 3 values of blue for the background and 3 values of yellow/gold for the M.  In the MSU and EMU quilts I used 3 values of green for the background blocks and all white for the letter blocks. 


Background blocks 

(12) different lights – ¼ yard each (or 3 yards total) 

(12) different mediums – ¼ yard each (or 3 yards total) 

(12) different darks – ¼ yard each (or 3 yards total) 

NOTE: You could make all the background blocks the same three colors, light, dark and medium.  In this case you need 3 yards of light, 3 yards of dark, and 3 yards of medium.  

These quantities 

Letter Blocks 

½ - ¾ yard of light 

½ - ¾ yards of medium 

½ - ¾ yards of dark 

If you are choosing for the letter to be a single color (like the white in the MSU an EMU quilts you will need about 1 ½ yards.  

The qualities listed for the background blocks seem generous. You may get away with smaller amounts,  

Supply List 

  • *ABC-3D  Tumbling Blocks and More by Marci Baker (available at CS Sewing)
  • Cutting Ruler – 10” Clearview Triangle 60 degrees (available at CS Sewing) 
  • Cutting ruler- Corner Cut 60 – Quilt with Marci Baker (not necessary but useful. Available on Amazon)
  • Sewing machine
  • Neutral color thread 
  • ¼ inch machine foot 
  • Extra needles 
  • 24” cutting ruler  
  • Iron and ironing mat. 
  • Rotary Cutter and mat large enough to cut  WOF strips 
  • Scissors 
  • Seam ripper 
  • Fabric as listed above 

*Published by Alicia’s Attic, In. Fort Collins, Co 2010 

Second Printing 2012