Border Magic Tuesday, August 9, 2022 6pm-8pm

Border Magic Tuesday, August 9, 2022 6pm-8pm

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Border Magic-Virtual Event                                   

Class Date:  August 9, 2022

Time:  6pm - 8pm

Instructor: Handiquilter

Cost: $29

Class Description: Learn how to plan, resize and mark quilt borders and corners that will set your quilting apart. Workshop topics include dealing with different types of borders, auditioning designs and figuring out the best stitch path.

Objective: Ways to plan, resize, mark and quilt your borders & corners. Quilt those borders with ease using free motion and rulers to create fabulous border designs

• Managing different types of borders – Mitered, Wrap around, Collision, Dead end Borders

• Auditioning designs

• Resize designs

• Safely marking designs

• Stitch paths