Quilting Makes The Quilt Virtual Event

Quilting Makes The Quilt Virtual Event

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021 7pm-9pm

HQ Educator Debby Brown

Class Description: I

t’s not a quilt till it’s quilted, right? We’ll start with a simple design, then learn how to pull different elements from that design to build a cohesive plan for your quilting. We’ll add echoing, exciting backgrounds, and complementary designs to create a masterpiece. Starting with sketching out your ideas, we’ll move on to marking tools to get all your great ideas on your quilt, and then looking at how thread can really make designs pop.

Topics Include:

• Start with a stencil or other basic design, resize and make it fit

• Draw out designs create a cohesive plan

• Add a little extra to your quilting designs: echo, expand, repeat

• Explore different grids for laying out your design

• Fabric choices and how they can make your designs stand out

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